3rd Meeting of Q-Mare working groupDisentangling climate and pre-industrial human impacts on marine ecosystems 


The 3rd meeting of Q-Mare aims to bring together specialists of different disciplines for two days of presentations and discussions on pre-industrical humans, climates and their impacts on marine ecosystems. Two thematic sessions are organized, the first on scientific education and the second on the current research on these topics. Two more days are reserved for a short workshop on a joint paper.


Coordinators of the PAGES Q-MARE Working Group:

Konstantina Agiadi (University of Vienna, Austria)
Bryony A. Caswell (University of Hull, UK)
Maria Bas (Instituto de Ciencias del Mar (ICM) - CSIC, Spain) 
Poul Holm (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
Jessica Lueders-Dumont (UC Berkeley, USA)

Application for this event is currently open.