Languages in Europe and their diachronies (focus on historical language contact)

[Important clarification regarding the program-schedule, after some questions we received:

The online spring school of the CIVIS Course "Languages in Europe and their diachronies" will last one week - from Monday to Friday, morning hours, around 4 hours per day. Then, we will have an online workshop (of 5-6 hours), but once, probably in May. The face-to-face summer school will take place on Naxos, one week, 6 hours per day.

CIVIS/Erasmus will offer you an Erasmus mobility grant to cover part of your expenses of travel and accommodation (to visit Greece/Naxos). CIVIS will probably cover expenses of lunches on the island of Naxos (if many students apply for the course - this is something very probable right now)]


Languages in Europe and their diachronies (focus on historical language contact) is a blended-learning programme that consists of an intensive online spring school (March 2023), online workshops and an intensive summer school that will take place on the island of Naxos, Cyclades, Greece (July 2023).

This CIVIS course is open to advanced Bachelor students, Master students and Phd students studying in the fields of Linguistics, Languages (Classical Languages - Medieval, Modern European Languages), History, Archaeology, Classics or Medieval Literature.

Course dates: March to July 2023


Application deadline: 30 November 2022

Languages in Europe and their diachronies (Focus on language contact) – News – CIVIS - A European Civic University



30 November 2022