Non-Being in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy

“Kostis Palamas” Building

“Kostis Palamas” Building

48 Akadimias Str. & Sina Str.

Non-Being in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy

An International Conference
Athens, March 27-28, 2023


The Conference is organized by the Department of History and Philosophy of Science, NKUA, in cooperation with the Universities of Bonn and Patras. The Conference belongs to the activities of the project “The Philosophy of Non-Being. On the History of Negative Ontology”, funded by the “Research Group Linkage Programme” of the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation.



Rainer Schäfer (Bonn): Being and Nothingness in Parmenides

Panagiotis Thanassas (Athens): Does Non-Being belong to the Way of Truth in Parmenides?

Vasiliki Vergouli (Patras): What kind of Νon-Βeing is Democritus’ void?

Denis Walter (Bonn): Non-Being in Plato’s Parmenides

David Meißner (Bonn): Negation, Non-Being, and Negative Forms in Plato’s Sophist (and Statesman)

Michalis Sialaros (Athens): Non-being in Greek mathematical texts: a ‘pointless’ overview

Christoph Horn (Bonn): Aristotle on Non-Being in Metaphysics Lambda 2

Simon Weber (Bonn): Parmenides’ False Dilemma: Being and Not-Being in Physics I.5

Pantelis Golitsis (Thessaloniki): Damascius on 'Nothingness'

George Steiris (Athens): "God is said to be both being and non being”: Dionysius the Areopagite and Maximus the Confessor on Non-being

Ioannis Dimitrakopoulos (Patras): Evil as Non-being in Early Latin Medieval Thought



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